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Learning And Cognition Essay

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  • on December 16, 2011
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Learning and Cognition

PSY 390

Learning and Cognition
Learning is a complex subject to define. It is one of the cognitive processes that have been studied by psychologists extensively. To define learning it is important to look at many events that occur when learning as well as the outcome after they are learned. For the most part, witnessing a change in behavior is the foundation to studying cognitive processes. It is no different when examining learning we find as individuals learn they show a change in behavior.
There are also two distinct types of learning that can occur in the mental processes. This paper will address those two types of learning and give further explanation of each type. Cognitive processes include such things as memory processing. The relationship between learning and cognition will be examined further as well.
Defining Learning and the Role of Behavior
To look up the word learning in any English dictionary will provide you will a short simple definition that does not exactly constitute all the elements involved in the learning process. One psychologist, Gregory Kimble, first defined learning as a permanent change in behavior that arises from practice that is reinforced. However, Kimble’s definition was not accepted universally, but it did bring up the necessary point that a behavior change must occur to prove learning has taken place (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2009).
By all knowledgeable research one knows that in psychology all behaviors are observable; therefore, if learning causes a change in behavior, then this behavior will be able to be observed. The behavior change that occurs after learning is relatively permanent, which means it is not fixed or momentary. Another factor in behavior change is that the change results from either experience or continued practice, but that practice must be reinforced (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2009).
Most learning research agrees that the process of learning is not easily observed directly....

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