Learning Activities Essay

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Learning Activities Currently Used ( With Examples) 1. Read widely ( I read all sorts of material. I don’t limit myself to just one particular kind of material) 2. Listen and be open to new ideas ( I listen to other peoples advice or past experiences and if it is helpful I will apply it to my everyday life. The more you hear and apply new ideas, the faster you will be able to obtain more knowledge.) 3. Accept feedback ( I accept feedback everyday whether it is bad or good so that I can learn and improve from my mistakes, this way in the future I can do a much better job in completing whatever the task may be) 4. Solve problems ( I always try to remain calm and logical when approaching a problem, resolution ultimately lies in this approach. Before solving the problem I come up with steps first then apply them to my problem.) 5. Follow your intuition (When I have to make a decision and im not sure of what to do I go with my intuition. Which means knowing something without being able to explain how you came to that conclusion. It's that mysterious gut feeling or instinct that often turns out to be right.) 6. Teach (When I teach I feel like the key of teaching is helping other people learn. Which I feel like the focus is not mainly on me the teacher it is mainly on the learner) 7. Review and reflect (I will read something, then describe my feelings about it, basically I will analyze the situation and then summarize it by looking back to see how things

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