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Learning Our culture defines learning as the “acquisition of knowledge.” Learning is something we are told to do from the time we are a small child. Learning; however, is much more than just going to school and gathering knowledge in order to be able to do well on tests. Learning is how we live; it is the essence of our lives. This gathering of knowledge encompasses us constantly. It influences our thoughts, our actions, and everything we do, think, and say. Learning defines who we are and who we will become. From the time we are born, we start to learn. We learn our parents’ voices and then start to understand what those voices are telling us. Eventually, we start to learn what the sounds in those voices mean. We learn from our parents as small children. Learning also happens as a child experiences life. For instance, when small children wander into a kitchen, they are told not to touch the stove because it is hot. They learn it is hot by getting too close and feeling the heat and, in some instances, getting burned. The lesson learned, hot, is not just something that is warm, but causes pain when touching it. This acquisition of knowledge will be one the child will remember and try to never do again. In essence, we learn by our mistakes. While we are in school, it is understood that the teacher knows everything and the students know nothing. As stated by Paulo Freire, “the teacher is the Subject of the learning process, while the pupils are mere objects” (Austin, p. 64). In this example, we use the gathering of knowledge for learning information in order to do well on exams. We also learn the value of spending time to learn and understand a concept, persevering through our struggle. The result is a feeling of pride and accomplishment. As we learn important things in school, such as reading and writing, we also learn who we are among our

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