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The Impact of Learning Styles on Interactivity in Asynchronous e-Learning by Katica Roy W hen I began graduate studies in instructional technology, I was very interested in interactivity and its effect on learning. I define interactivity as having to do something with the information that one is learning. Interactivity could be discussing the topic with other learners, creating or reviewing a visual depiction of a concept or principle, or actually applying the topic. Interactivity is not, however, just clicking a mouse. Professional Application There are two areas of professional application for the action research described in this article. First, the action research is applicable to the human performance community as a whole. Second, this action research is directly applicable to my current position as an instructional designer who designs and develops asynchronous e-learning. Practitioners in the human performance community are using learning styles as part of their arsenal of tools, and I am curious to know whether there are empirical data to substantiate the belief that learning styles affect learner cognition. At my current position I am responsible for designing all the interactivity employed in each tutorial I develop. As an instructional designer my role is to analyze how to best reach my learners so that they can use and remember the information they are being taught. Most of the tutorials I design concern health care and health insurance products and serve as productivity measures. The training also addresses certain direct service and growth initiatives. Therefore it is imperative that I reach my learners and that they remember the information they are being taught. My belief is that interactivity in elearning is one way to reach my learners and help them begin to own the knowledge they are learning. But what kind of interactivity is most

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