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How does learning enhance performance? Learning is an active process of gaining information, understanding, or capabilities (Edmondson, 2002; Garvin, 2000; Senge, 1990). Learning by definition is knowledge obtained by study, while, on the other hand, performance is the ability to operate efficiently. (Oxford Dictionary). Performance is the most important outcome of learning. It refers to the action made by an individual in a particular situation. All over the world managers have been struggling with the idea that how to make employees perform better on the job.The litterature below discusses in different ways where learning through knowledge can lead to better performance; Communication Increasing knowledge broaden perspectives in which things are been seen. One with quite a high level of learning will be in a better position to understand the significance of communication in an organisation. Managers and supervisors who have learned the elements of communications can easily make their new ideas and views accepted by employees. In other cases, such as in hard times, communication can be used as a medium to boost up the moral of employees so as the latter continue to give the best of themselves. Learning can also be helpful in removing personal communication barriers. Personal barriers arise from human emotions, values and poor listening habits. Emotion act as filters in all our communication. We communicate the interpretation of reality instead of reality itself. Large organisations often employ workers from various cultural backgrounds. Learning on the different cultures of employees will obviously help to avoid cultural barriers but also help to promote a sense of belongingness in these employees, ultimately leading to better performance. Productivity For employees to perform better they should be given the appropriate tools. And one of the tools

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