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Handout 1 Definitions of Learning and Theory In this exercise, you will define and discuss the concepts of Learning and Theory. Please save this document and type directly on this template. Every response should be substantive and requires a minimum of 3 to 5 complete sentences per response. When completed, please submit this document as an attachment to the appropriate drop box. 1. How does the text book define a theory? Theory explains a phenomena and how it works. Theory should also provide guidelines for an action. Theories about human’s behavior carry assumptions about human nature. Most adult learning authors do not define the term theory, they expect their readers to derive its meaning from their use of term. 2. How does the text book define learning? The term learning defines precise definition because it is put to multiple uses. Acquistion and mastery of what is already known about something. Clarification of meaning one’s experience. Process of testing ideas relevant to problems. 3. What is the connection between theory and practice? Theories guide practice and provide interpretation of the outcome and evaluation of that practice. Theory is an idea and hypothesis which explains some things. Practice is an exercise and application of any task or in other words translation of an idea into action. 4. What is the essential difference between the concepts of education and learning? Learning has become fashionable recently and is much used in policy debate, for instance in lifelong learning and personalized learning. One problem with learning, is that it becomes hard to see where learning ends and culture begins. Education, on the other hand, is more likely to be seen as a right for every individual.

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