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Learning and Motivation In the article Fostering Motivation in Kids with Learning and Attention Problems it discusses what can motivate and unmotivated a student. The article helps you learn how to help your child discover his passions, give him choices, develop persistence, and identify steps to success. There are things that you can do as a parent to help your child identify his steps to success. It is also important to let your child know you love and respect him. Most importantly as a parent you need to foster long-term motivation in your child. Some students are motivated and want to do a good job in school. Some of those students get scared during class if they are called on and they give the wrong answer. They could feel like they have failed or they may be embarrassed and may not want to ever raise their hand in class again. Some other reasons why students become unmotivated may be not having consistent results, not understanding the work, and having a need for attention. The article states that, “If the emotional system is in turmoil, the cognitive system must expand energy on it before the brain can focus to learn.” (Fanning, R.) There are things that can motivate a child as well. The parent can discover what gets the child to be self-motivated. They can do this when they feel loved, when they have a choice, and when they understand the material. If you encourage the child in what he excels at he will be more motivated. If a child is struggling in a particular subject you can find something outside of school that is a hands-on activity that may give the student more interest in that subject. This type of activity will help the child find and understand deep knowledge. Some kids may believe or may be lead to believe that being intelligent comes to you naturally. This is not the case. Anyone can become intelligent. It is made through hard work,

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