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Running Head: LEARNING: Classical Conditioning in advertising, Operant Conditioning in classroom setting and Behaviour Modification Abstract The purpose of this essay is to explore learning, and the processes that enable learning. We will take a look at 2 major types of learning i.e. Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. This essay will examine how Classical Conditioning can be applied in advertising by way of Jungle Oats and will also explore celebrity endorsements through Classical Conditioning. Secondly we will also look at how Operant Conditioning is used to reinforce appropriate behaviour in a classroom setting. Finally, this essay will apply the principles of conditioning by designing a behaviour modification program that could be implemented in the classroom setting. Introduction According to Gredler (2005), learning is one of the most important activities in which humans engage and is a behavioural change (meaning that learning has occurred when behaviour changes). Psychology defines learning as “any relatively permanent change in behaviour or knowledge, resulting from experience and that most of our behaviour is the result of

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