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A time I felt pressured to do something was when I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. Being, having to choose to live with either my mom or dad. Growing up, my parents weren’t always able to get along, soon my life was headed in crazy crossroads. At the age of three, my mom and dad got divorced. I was just a little toddler. As well as my older brother, whose just two and a half years older. For five years my brother and I switched between both parents. At first it was difficult, but then we got used to it. It was switching from Lakewood to Carson week from week. My brother and I going to different schools, even different parties. To a point where my mom and dad couldn’t even be in the same room without arguing. I even remember crying, hearing my parents fight. It was difficult and soon tiring. When I turned nine years old, my parents picked which child they would have temporarily. My mom chose me and my dad chose my brother. Since then we all drifted apart. In addition, my uncles became my father figure, and my dad got remarried and had another child. After finding out, my mom and I were hurt, but we forgave and forgotten. Although, last year when I turned twelve years old, my parents gave my brother and I the chance to pick who we wanted to live with permanently. At that moment I felt pressured. I felt as if everyone’s life was on the line because of me. I felt like I would hurt someone’s feelings. There was no time left. I had to chose. After a couple minutes, I finally made a decision. I choose my mom and my brother choose my dad. Now after that day, my brother comes to stay with my mom and I during the summer, Christmas, and breaks. Overall, these decisions made me realize plenty. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to accept what I have and what I’m given. In addition, I’m still learning to accept all that’s happened, but it hasn’t been

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