Learned in School or Through Life Experiences?

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Many people belive you can not learn everything in school. Some say that experience is the best teacher. What is more important to a person's education. Things learnig in school or through real experiences Schools are places where we can start learning everything as a basic knowledge when we were a child. That knowledge maybe helps us when we grow up and start working in our society. But, between two ideas, things learned in school or through life experiences, I think things learned through life experiences are more important to a person’s education, because beside what we learned in schools, there are also a lot of things we can learn outside our schools. First of all, we are just taught by our teachers and sometime by our friends at schools. Depend on teachers’ knowledge and the ways they teach in classes, the knowledge and information we input can be changed. Good teachers certainly have good teaching methods, but in a small space like school, those teachers are limited and what we can learn from them is few and limited too. Opposite to that, in life we can find out “good teachers” everywhere we go, because everyone we meet has at least one good thing that we should learn from them. We not only learn from them, but also be learned by them, we and people around us can become teachers to each other in many ways. Real things in life are more interesting than boring letters in books. We can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste everything we want. We can feel them by our own ways; of course learning things is included. We know what is needed and can choose the best way to learn for ourselves. Information and knowledge are almost opened, so we can choose whatever we want to know, to learn and can learn actively by ourselves whenever, wherever. Life is the most interesting and largest school where we can learn everything forever. In conclusion,

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