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Learn Something New: Snowboarding Nothing is more beautiful than a brisk morning on top of a mountain in Aspen, Colorado. The fresh powder settled in, cool breezy winds creating a very cold temperature. It was my first year snowboarding and I had a lot to learn. As I came tearing down the mountain, unaware of any technique of how to snowboard I find myself on a sheet of ice headed straight down. A hundred thoughts ran through my head of what I should do as an over flow of adrenaline ran through my body. As I tried to turn my board to slow down I find myself soaring through the air and face plant on the piercing icy snow. It is important to learn how to snowboard before you ride down a mountain like Aspen as I learned for myself. In contrast from skiing, instead of riding facing forward, you are turned 90 degrees. And obviously, you are strapped in to one board. It is vital to start on a bunny hill or a small hill to get the feel for it. First, strap your bindings in and use your arms to lift yourself up. You want your board to be sideways to start. Then as you gradually slide down, angle your board up to slow down or completely stop yourself. This is called a power-slide. Once you get a feel for how you slow yourself down, turn your board 90 degrees and make your way down the hill and slow yourself down by turning your board back sideways if necessary. Remember to bend your knees and keep your shoulders facing forward for balance. It may seem more difficult than it looks. Snowboarding is all about confidence. Once you are confident enough to ride down a large hill, the best technique is carving. Carving is the act of linking a toe-side turn with a heel-side turn. Start by making a toe-side turn. Do this by leaning forward slightly, lifting your heels and turning your shoulders so you are making a turn. Straighten back up as you come to the end

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