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Around the world there are many languages, but English has become in one of the most important languages of many countries. Here by English has become a second language. Therefore, some people have obligation to learn this language because their job requires. In other cases this language is stuck permanently in daily education, and students must learn it whether they like it or not. Most students are afraid to fail in their first try learning this language, are afraid to get confused in the meaning of some words that seems to be the same, and to pronounce wrong some phrases. But to avoid these problems there are some steps, this steps will help people in general to understand easily English language. Concentration as if you were studying mathematics or other subject, English requires a lot of concentration, because as in math you need to have all your thoughts to solve numeric problems, in English you need more concentration to connect word by word to make a sentence and express what you want to expresses. Paying attention to every lesson that is given is another important skill that is unit with concentration, you might think that paying attention and concentration is the same, but is not because in some cases while a student is “paying attention” he might be thinking in other things so he will be simulating that is paying attention. To learn any language you have to be concentrate and attentive to ask anything you didn’t understand. After you have these skills with you, then you are ready to start learning English or any other language, but something important that you don’t have to forget is to practice. First practicing your English orally, speaking with other person in English or repeating some words will helps your tongue to get used of new vocabulary and develop more fluency on it. Then writing is another important way to practice your English, by

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