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Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 55, No. 1, January/February 2004 ARTICLE 10.1177/0022487103260072 THE ARTISTIC AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHERS A STUDY OF TEACHERS’ ATTITUDES TOWARD AND USE OF THE ARTS IN TEACHING Barry Oreck University of Connecticut During the past decade, the arts have been increasingly included in professional development programs for general education teachers in the United States. Little is known, however, about teachers’ attitudes toward the arts in education or the applications of arts processes in their teaching practice. In this mixed-methods study, data collected from 423 K-12 teachers indicated that teachers believe the arts are important in education, but use them rarely. They are hindered by a lack of professional development and intense pressure to teach the mandated curriculum. Awareness of student diversity and the need for improved motivation and enjoyment in learning were the most frequently cited motivations for using the arts. Teachers’ self-efficacy and self-image relating to creativity and artistry influenced arts use more than any other personal characteristic. Surprisingly, neither prior arts instruction, current artistic practice, nor years of teaching experience were significant predictors of arts use in the classroom. Keywords: arts in teaching; arts-based professional development; arts in the classroom; teacher attitudes; teacher education; arts in education partnerships The arts have played a role in general teacher education since Dewey and the beginning of the progressive education movement. During the past 80 years, the status of the arts in the curriculum has ebbed and flowed, increasing in eras of progressive reform and decreasing during back-to-basics movements and when funding is tight (Goodlad, 1992). In the past decade, national school reform efforts based on educational research

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