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Running head: THE GENERIC SENTENCE IN ENGLISH AND VIETNAMESE The Generic Sentence in English and Vietnamese Phan Thanh Xuan Class: 4C-06 University of Pedagogy Abstract The aim of this paper is to discuss the linguistic recognition of generic sentences from the structure of sentences to the markers of extra and intra-clausal level such as disjuncts, adjuncts, subjuncts and tense markers. The result is qualitatively explained as a foundation for identification of generic sentences for Vietnamese learners of English and vice versa. In this paper, I just focus on discussing the issue of identifying forms of some common types of generic sentences. Also, I try my efforts to answer the following question: How are the syntactical signals of a generic sentence realized in terms of a sentence structure, grammatical points and vocabulary? About the method to do this paper, this is a qualitative research paper of which the final product is different syntactical features of different syntactical levels in generic sentences. Materials for this paper are sentences with generic meaning in some genres of writing text. Introduction Speaking of syntax and semantic features of types of sentences, linguists usually focus on types of questions, negations and some uncommon types of sentences. In the field of semantics, few people pay attention to a special type of sentence called “Generic sentences”, which are used a lot in daily communication contexts and academic works. The majority of our speeches to reflect reality and facts and to generalize those are called generic sentences. Actually, in our everyday conversations, we can happen to find the following sentences: • A woman always remembers her first lover with affection. Người đàn bà luôn luôn nhớ thương người tình đầu tiên của mình. • A man always blames the woman who fooled him. In the same way he

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