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Academy学院 Train 培训,火车 Director 主任 主管 导演 Launch 发射,开始,开办 Feed 饲养,喂,吃东西 Efficient 有效的 Keep out 阻止进入 Operate 操作,运行 Commercial 商业广告 Stock 股票,存货,储存 Capacity 能力,容量,地位 Feasible可行的 Run a business 经营生意 Among 在。。之中 Depletion 消耗, Harvesting 收获,采伐,收割的 Over the years 多年以来 Depleting every year 耗尽,用尽 Financial risks 财务风险 Association 协会 They will be expected to raise about half the money toward(对于)project. Be based on 根据,以。。为基础 Displaced 无家可归者,无家可归的,被取代的 Established 确定的,已制定的 Independence 独立性 ,独立,自主 Stop hitting on SB 不要再勾引。。。 Chaotic and twirly 慌慌张张 Ceremony 仪式,典礼 Complain 抱怨 Tip 小费 Rub揉 neck in the same spot地点 Issue 问题,发行 Misunderstood 误会,被误解 Furniture 家具 Bookcase 书架 Dentist 牙医 Grab 拿起 Congratulation 祝贺 I take credit for SB 某人欠我一个人情 Emotional 情感 情绪化的 容易激动的 Exactly 正是,精确的,非常对! 完全正确 Anyway 总之 Potential 潜能 潜力 潜在的 Native 本地人,天然的,与生俱来的 Conditions 条件 Look down on me 看不起我 Offers 提供,提议,报价,出价 Attend 出席,照料,上。。。就读 Aim目标,目的在于 Achieve达到,完成,达到目的,实现完成,如愿以偿 Placement 布置,位置 Voluntary 志愿者,自愿的 Invited 邀请 Recommendations 推荐,推荐信 Involved in 包含,涉及 Novel 小说 Arrogance 自大 Ultimately 最后,基本上 Downfall 大雨,落下,衰败 Relate to 涉及,有关 Abduct 绑架,诱拐 instead of focusing on what's the homework or what's going on in this class, what's the lesson." tutor(辅助) students who are having trouble in school. On July ninth, South Sudan becomes the world's one hundred ninety-third nation Neglect South Sudan is about the size of France Systems Illiteracy rates Estimates Operation Register at Delay Proposed Lecturer Carry-away salaries Commission Supervising Carpentry, making bricks and also small agriculture, or micro-financing play a big part in Agriculture As an institution Food security Wearing make up Mashed potatoes I familiar with the concept 有点印象 Take a course Otherwise I am totally behind the experiment 我完全赞同这个实验 Chipped in In reverse

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