Lean Six Sigma in Health Care

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ABSTRACT This report will analyze the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in the Healthcare System( even though the case study refers to Lean Thinking, Lean and Six Sigma are gathered, for example to reduce waste and make a process more directly and fluently will bring the reduction of errors and vice-versa). There it will be analyze, a case study related to an institute familiarized with Lean Six Sigma, how it was helpful to improve customer service, reducing the time waiting to processes, by focusing in joining three departments in a hospital on behalf to manage better the overcrowding of patients. The techniques used were PDSA and a flow Map. Afterwards, there will be explained how this methodology could be put in practice in an unfamiliar healthcare service with Lean Six Sigma such as Hospital in Chile, which faces several challenges related to its Radiology service and how to manage the flow of patients and coordinate it with Emergency department and maximize the resources on behalf to reduce as much as possible time (the most valuable element in Health assistance) and secondly the customer experience. The main purpose it is to proof that in the contemporary business field, Lean Six Sigma it is a very useful tool to be implemented in the Service field, compared what many managers still think that is just applied in the manufacturing field. COMPANY BACKGROUND AND PROBLEM DESCRIPTION “Hospital El Pino”, is a public Hospital based in Santiago, Chile The main problems of this Hospital was due to the lack of communication and self-convenience problems, the Radiology department usually was unnecessary overcrowded with patients. That brought as a consequences a constant collapse of the system, where patients waited long times, and they paid for an unnecessary service, where they and the Radiological staff were exposed to radiation and people who really
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