Lean Management Essay

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Application of Lean Management in Strategic HRM In the past, the functional areas of a Human Resource department within companies consisted of: recruiting, interviewing, assigning benefits and compensating. Now Human Resource Management (HRM) is the new HR department which looks deeper in the “human” element. The growing number of universities and business schools offering degrees in Human Resource Management, coupled with the increasing awareness of human resource management as a field with expanding opportunities for career development, suggests a future where many will enter the profession (HR Magazine, 2007). Lean Management in Strategic HRM is a specialized field within HR. Human Resource Management at Work Most experts agree that there are five basic functions that all managers perform: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling, which make up the management process (Dessler, 2008). These five functions involve everything from establishing goals and standards to setting sales quota, quality standards or productions levels, depending on the functional area of the manager. According to Dessler, HRM are the polices and practices involved in carrying out the “people” or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising (Dessler, 2008). The Changing Environment of Human Resource Management The Application of Lean Management in Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) is a new topic to the HR industry. This topic grew from the foundation of HR. The traditional role of a Human Resource employee did not involve strategy. Actually many HR people don’t understand what it means to be strategic (Maidment, 2007). Those traditional HR positions have dwindled significantly in recent years, and according to HR recruiters those opportunities are not likely to increase anytime

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