Lean in Chapter 1 Summary

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Aspiring Ambition, Summary of Lean In In the reading “Lean In: What Would You Do If you Were Not Afraid?,” the author, Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, urges that women have to encourage themselves if they want to embrace leadership. Owing to her experiences, personal life’s stories and well- developed research, Sandberg overpoweringly urges to women to fight for what they want to pursue and open their eyes cleverly for changing the conceptions that society has imposed them. She begins this reading by giving the facts about how the aspirations of her family were, yet she specifically points out how the efforts and achievements of her grandmother inculcated in her education a wide sense of equality. Throughout Sandberg’s education, she realized the gendered beliefs and roles that society and even her family had formed about women’s aspirations for leadership are not equal to those of men. In fact, Sandberg exposes the necessity of more positive descriptions of working women and fewer conceptions that limit what they can do across the home and workplace. She acknowledges that there is a reason which contributes the increment of a lack in equal opportunity in the workplace and the reason is the leadership ambition gap. Fortunately, it is possible that a change in leadership ambition has been seen because many young women (66 percent) consider important the success in a profession compared to young men (59 percent), according to Sheryl Sandberg’s research (647). However, there are still women who do not describe themselves as a leader or a visionary and this situation does not help this prominent shift. In addition to her researched data, Sandberg’s illustrates with her own experiences about female accomplishments which those are often marked as a non-acceptable social conduct for women; for example, having a good prospect in the professional
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