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CRITICAL ANALYSIS The book ‘Lean In’ has drawn criticism that the book is a personal memoir interspersed with corporate feminism, a charge that author Sheryl Sandberg vehemently denies, and rightly so. The book is equally useful for both men and women who want to carve out success in corporate world and at the same time do want to have a fruitful and rewarding personal life. It is not one of those cliché ‘How to’ books that gives you panacea for all your problems, for example ‘How to be a charismatic leader?’ It is rather full of pearls of wisdoms scattered around with great individual learning value. It is up to the reader what to learn and implement. The book is based on the life experiences of Sheryl Sandberg, from her college days at Harvard to becoming the first female COO of Facebook, and how she uses them to elucidate the problems women face at workplace from transforming their educational prowess to leadership potential. Sandberg digs deeper into these issues and examines why - despite the progress women have made at the academic level, men still hold a majority of leadership positions at the corporate level. She combines personal experiences, hard data and compelling research to cut through the layers of ambiguity and bias surrounding the lives and choices of working women. She also elucidates the practical steps which can be undertaken to combine women's academic success with professional achievement. She also illustrates how men can benefit by supporting women in their workplace and at home. Sheryl has practiced what she preached to women via this book: To seek and speak truth. She is honest and straightforward while expressing her opinions. She accepts her mistakes, admits her insecurities and credits people, irrespective of their positions, who guided her to climb the ladder of success. Vivid and lucid style of writing with ample examples from

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