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League of Legends How to Support Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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League of Legends: How to Play Support
Gaming has evolved to a level where it can provide skills to help in real life situations. League of Legends -- a game that will provide those skills while having a significant amount of fun. There are many roles and positions in the game, League of Legends, but only one role, the support, is most beneficial to the team and in real life situations. Gaming has always been a controversial topic, but many do not realize how much it can actually help. I am a part of the top 3 percent of people in the entire North American server. This is among millions of people since League of Legends is currently one of the top personal computer (P.C) games out right now. The world tournament has reached a prize pool up to one million dollars with the next world tournament right around the corner.
League of Legends has a variety of maps that players can play on but, the 5 player against 5 player map is the most played. This map consists of three lanes, one going top, another bottom, and one more in the middle. For instance, top lane(the lane going upwards), and bottom lane look like a 90 degree angle and middle lane is the middle of that 90 degree angle. The other side, where the enemy team may be located, is the same thing, but rather a mirrored 90 degree angle connecting together. There is a nexus in the corner of these two connected 90 degree angles that each team must destroy to win the game. To destroy a nexus, each team must work through a series of turrets placed along a path to each base referred to as a lane. Along the way, each player gains levels from killing the opposing team's Champions and Minions (non-player characters, NPCs) that regularly spawn and attack the other team and by defeating neutral monsters. Completing objectives rewards players with gold which is used to purchase items, making their Champion stronger. Each lane has an inhibitor on both ends. Inhibitor is a building that prevents powerful "super minions" from...

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