Leading, Creating, Implementing and Improving (M1) Essay

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Project Name | Leading, Creating, Implementing and Improving (M1) | Project Name | ICS, Inc | Date | 26 July 2011 | Compiled by | Meriam Malebo | declaration | “I hereby declare that this assignment is entirely my own work, and that it has not previously been submitted to any Higher Education Institution. I also declare that all published and unpublished sources have been fully acknowledged and properly referenced. This includes figures, tables and exhibits. Where modified by me, this has also been indicated” | Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Breakdown of Problem Statement 4 4. Proposed Solutions 8 5. Conclusion 15 6. Bibliography 17 7. Glossary 18 1. Executive Summary ICS Inc is a company currently owned by one (1) person. Due the nature, size and growth of the organization it has become evident to the writer that the company has not yet prepared itself for the growth. The company has just been awarded with a major project and if ICS Inc implements the project within budget, scope and time then there is a possibility of expanding into the rest of the country which has always been the vision for ICS Inc. With this in mind the writer has assessed the current situation and the reader will notice that in section three (3) of this document which highlights all the problems and challenges currently faced within ICS Inc. The writer is of the opinion that there is a DEARTH of policies which are not evident in the company and poses as a huge risk as both management and employees do not follow proper processes and procedures. This is further compounded by the fact that the owner of the business seems to be in charge of all stream within the business. The problem statement has been grouped into the following three areas namely: * Strategic Structure; * Behavioral Structure and * Operational

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