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Running head: LEADING CHANGE PAPER Leading Change Paper Daniel Oremus University of Phoenix Transformational Leadership MBA 520 Jim Morgan June 28, 2009 Leading Change Paper Good Sports is a manufacturer of sporting equipment and is based out of Coral Springs, Florida. Founded in 1993 by a Jason Poole, former basketball player and now current Chairman of the Board, the company has expanded to Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina with their marketing of equipment in hospitals as well as selling to fitness clubs, hotels and the general community. It is important that Good Sports stay abreast of the current trends and technologies in order to remain competitive and the organization has been structured to do just that. Operating under the functional structure, Good Sport’s employees are grouped together based on the functions of specific jobs within the organization. For example, staffs are identified under one of any four categories including Production, Research and Development, Sales and Finance. And under each of those job types include departments (e.g. Marketing, Sales, etc.). And the structure of the organization influences its culture. Organizational culture describes the attitudes, experience, beliefs and values of company and is usually categorized as strong or weak. A strong culture exists when employees respond because of their positions line up with the organization’s values. On the contrary, weak cultures exist when control of employees must be exercised through bureaucracy because very few ideals and values are aligned. While Good Sports operates overall under a weak culture where Management seems to spend a good deal of time selling concepts and persuading staff to consider different strategies and approaches, each department tends to have its own distinctive culture as well. “A value is something
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