Leading Change Good Sport Essay

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Problem Solution: Good Sport Good Sport is in the process of marketing a new product. Immersed in political and management changes they need to form new structures of power in their organization. Management changes, power struggles and developing a working team will be their major challenges’ while trying to bring their new piece of equipment “Xtend Sport” to market. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Good Sport has a new prototype of exercise equipment to introduce to the market. First, they need to convince their own sales and marketing teams that this new concept in exercise equipment is going to be profitable to the company. "If you put technology in for technology's sake," says Jan Jackman, the general manager of IBM's retail EBO, "it just collects dust." (Boyle 2006) Many companies have faced the challenges of today’s shoppers when trying to bring the technology of tomorrow into today’s marketplace. They need to have a good market survey to gather data for the viability of this venture. With this information, they will be able to convince their own team this product will be good for the economic growth and development of Good Sport. That their customers will think that it will add value and convince to their exercise regiment. Marketing feels that this new piece of exercise equipment has an impressive new design that will be successful in the market place .Easy to use, portable and reasonably priced they feel it will take off in sales and inspire new areas of growth for Good Sport. Production thinks the cost to produce this piece of equipment will be too high. Although meeting with opposition in the company you decide to proceed with the development of this new product by trying to convince all the different players that this product has a good potential in the market and growth for the company. Leadership has a challenge to

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