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Leading Change Introduction By definition, change means transformation, modification or variation. Change entails the introduction of new ideas and or ways of doing things in the organization. Mathis and Jackson argue that planning and the implementation of the same previous plans, is also a crucial ingredient to leading change (36; ch. 2). Change is also a shift to a new game with a new set of rules - an alteration of the status quo in an organization that impacts the work environment of an individual or group. Other scholars perceive change as moving from an old state to a new state or moving from one solid state to another. Mathis and Jackson, also recognize that there are some forces called facilitating forces, which could lead to resistance, may facilitate the transition from the old stage to the new stage. (“Human Resource” 43). A good leader to change therefore is the one that recognizes the process of change and takes action to enhance or mitigate the impact of facilitating and restraining forces respectively. The need for change in the company It has been unanimously suggested that change is inevitable. The management of Toyota Motor Corporation recognizes the fact that the environment in which businesses operate is very dynamic, complex, unpredictable and can even be hostile. Customers' demand for their products, being the fleet of vehicles, continues to change day by day calling for the need of the company to change their manufacturing models. Also, due to the competing nature of the firms in the manufacturing industry, Toyota's company management has found that change is inevitable. This is evident from the new manufacturing models and subsequent new brands from Mercedes Benz, Peugeot and Nissan Motor companies. By changing their process and products to fit the demand in the market, the Toyota company management's objective is to become more

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