Leading Change Essay

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Leadership of Strategic Change Every organization is affected by change, especially during times of economic volatility. Given the intensity of global competition in more and more industries, organizational transformations need to be initiated and implemented rapidly. These trends put a premium on executive leadership and the management of system-wide organization change (Nadler & Tushman, 1990). While change must be well managed, it must also be planned, organized, directed and controlled, and all that requires effective leadership to introduce and implement change effectively. Today, most of the organizations agree that effective leadership is one of the most important contributors to the overall organizational performance and change. Organizational change processes must be led effectively in order to keep the organization moving toward organizational new vision and its stated goals and objectives. The best leaders - those whom people trust and follow - use their talents to inspire the people around them. They lead by example, propping up their staff with infectious enthusiasm and a will to succeed. The leadership qualities are very important for organizational changes because it is crucial to handle the resistance, confusion, exploration and commitment of management. According to Schoonover & Dalziel (1986), “to be effective, leaders must ensure enough flexibility for creative problem-solving, enough protection to maintain work-group esprit, and enough control to complete specific critical tasks”. Leaders who lead change in their organizations must be proactive and take risks. They recognize shifts in the interests or needs of their clientele, anticipate the need to change and challenge the status quo. Leadership of strategic changes requires not only charisma, but also substantial instrumental skills in building executive teams, roles, and systems in support

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