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Developing a Vision and Strategy Leading Change was written in order to help organizations create major change within their organization. John Kotter describes how to do this in eight stages. In order to create the change each step has to be preformed and completed before moving on to the next step. Step three describes how to develop a vision and strategy. Kotter describes a situation in which someone may what to produce change. He points out that previously the majority of organizations would use two major types of methods: authoritarian and micromanagement. These methods have mainly been used to maintain the current system, not to produce change. Neither is very successful for many reasons. Authoritarian is not successful unless a boss is quite powerful and even in that situation, Kotter points out, this does not create behavior change. Kotter stated that people will pretend to cooperate but will take every opportunity to undermine you. As far as micromanagement goes, while it has instances of success, it is a process that is entirely too slow. Micromanagement tries to get around this problem by specifying what employees should do in great detail and then monitoring compliance. This approach can break through some of the barriers, but it is usually at an incredible slow amount of time. The only successful approach is the approach that creates a vision. Vision is essential in creating change because vision is a view of the future that has reasons why that future should be created or desired. A good vision has three purposes. First the vision has to clarify the direction for change. Clarifying the direction of the vision is important because it will resolve issues people may have about change. Issues such as the direction of change or whether or not change is even needed are often issues that an organization needs to clarify. The organization

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