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Leading Change MSCI 5023 TERM: Fall 2012 Professor: Gene A. Herbster 11/18/12 Topic: Career change from Retail to HR industry Lisa McIntosh Leading Change in today’s highly competitive and constantly changing environment demands to have better leaders. Leading change author by John P. Kotter tell it all gives a clear picture of group of penguins that are shuffling their feet nervously on icy precipice, while one brave bird leaps for the water below. The question is which penguin are you? Into looking at executives when examining some shy away from the precipice while others get, lower down in the pecking order and jumps into landing conditions. In the spring of 2010, I was interviewed for retail store part-time position at Macy’s Inc. During the interview process, the interviewer suggested base on my professional experience that I would be a suitable candidate for human resources position. Her approach made me realize that I truly enjoy working in the human resource field. Additionally from looking at my past experience I realize that in order to pursue my new career goals as a Human Resource person I needed to further enhanced my educational skills. Therefore I had decided to apply to Organizational Management and Human Resources Development program at Manhattanville College. I truly believe the Graduate Business Program is the best fit for my interests and potential contribution. Looking at the model DxVxP>R I analyze my life and career change and this model works for my personal change. This model is a demand because the retail industry is crumbling and the HR industry is exploding in growth and job opportunities for those entering the field. There are a number of HR professions rising faster in the U.S. today more than ever. The work is rewarding and interesting. I have worked in the retail industry as a manager, so I have a diverse

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