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Running head: LEADING CHANGE Integrative Paper: Leading Change In APA Style Tiffany C. Robinson Organizational Behavior/Spring II 2009 Webster University Abstract According to author John P. Kotter there are eight errors that organizations make when transforming (1) Allowing too much complacency, (2) Failing to create a sufficiently powerful guiding coalition, (3) Understanding the power of vision, (4) Under communicating the vision by a factor of 10x-100x, (5) Permitting obstacles to block the new vision, (6) Failing to create short-term wins, (7) Declaring victory too soon, (8) Neglecting to anchor changes firmly in the corporate culture. Kotter has devised an eight step process that organizations can utilize to create power and motivation for the overall success of the organization (1) Establish a sense of Urgency (2) Creating a guiding coalition, (3) Developing a vision and strategy, (4) Communicating the changed vision, (5) Empowering broad-base action, (6) Generating short-term wins, (&) Consolidating gains and producing more change, (8) Anchoring new approaches in culture. In this paper I will examine these eight errors and attempt to tie in the concepts learned in this course (Organizational Behavior) which were learned through the readings of Organizational Behavior and Management a book authored by John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopaske, and Michael T. Matteson. Integrative Paper: Leading Change Bringing significant change to an organization is one of the most difficult tasks that managers have and are currently facing in the corporate world today. There is evidence of resistance from those who perceive that they will lose power or prestige as a result of the change and the organizational culture itself might be resistant to

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