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Leading Change “The rate of change is not going to slow Down anytime soon. If anything, competition In most industries will probably speed up Even more in the next few decades.” Leading the Change Process Apply Science of Learning & Human Performance Generate solution options and metrics Translate job requirements into competencies (K, S, A, T) Conduct effectiveness & cost analysis Performance Consultants Make recommendations Creating Major Change The 8 Stage Process of Creating Major Change 1. Establishing a Sense of Urgency 2. Creating a Guiding Coalition 3. Developing a Vision & Strategy 4. Communicating the Change Vision 5. Empowering Broad-Based Action 6. Generating Short-Term Wins 7. Consolidating Gains & Producing More Change 8. Anchoring New Approaches in the Culture Source: Leading Change, John P. Kotter, 1998 Creating Major Change Establishing a Sense of Urgency • • Examining the market & competitive realities Identifying & discussing crisis, potential crisis, major opportunities Concepts: • • • • • • • Create a crisis: highlight major weaknesses, allow errors to compound Eliminate obvious examples of excess (company facilities, services,etc Set goals & targets unrealistically high Distribute company-wide performance data highlighting deficiencies to more employees Force interaction with unsatisfied “customers, suppliers, shareholders.” Use consultants to force more relevant & honest appraisals Bombard people with information on future opportunities, rewards for capitalize on those opportunities, & potential “lost opportunities.” Source: Leading Change, John P. Kotter, 1998 Creating Major Change Creating a Guiding Coalition • Putting together a group with enough power to lead the change • Getting the group to work together like a team 4 Key Characteristics of Guiding Coalition: • • Positional Power:

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