Leading and Motivating a Team Essay

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IML Unit 341: Leading and Motivating a Team Section 1: Connect the Team with Vision and Strategy 1.1 It is important that once you have identified the team you communicate a common vison and strategy, this ensures everyone is working towards a common goal and not diverting energy into tasks that have no bearing on the vision. • In my instance once the team had been identified I called a team meeting to go through the Company’s vision statement (A Railway the North can be proud off) this gave everyone a common sense of purpose, a goal, something to work towards, motivate and empowerment. I also explained that this is only the first step with in the strategic planning of the company. It was then that I explained that to achieve our Vision we would follow the company’s 4 behaviour’s and explained what was expected:- • Keep it Simple:- by setting clear goals in align with our vision, look at and simplify our processes, listen and act on feedback and inspire and motivate our staff • Get the basics right:- Help our people develop, be a role model, pride in what we do and others and be firm – fare and friendly. • Work as a team:- by involving people, delegating responsibilities, feeding back progress and out comes, creating a just culture and collaboration with our people and stakeholders. • Give great service:- communicating clearly and in a language that can be understood, clear standard of service that we can work to and exceed. By explain the 4 behaviour’s this set out how we as individuals, team and the company would achieve our goal, this was the HOW. But what was still missing was the WHAT areas are we going to look at to achieve our goal? This is what we call the 5 pillars or objectives:- • Customer:- Cleanlier of trains, Train and station staff, reliability, NPS scores how we are perceived by our customers? • Performance:- trains on time

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