Leading and Motivating a Team Essay

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Leading and motivating a team effectively Connect the team with Vision and Strategy Wiltshire Sight is a local Charity Supporting people with Sight loss to reach their full potential in Wiltshire and Swindon. There are 2 distinct elements of work within the organisation the direct work with service users and the Administration of the organisation. Wiltshire Sight has recently gone through a significant period of change which saw the development of a new strategy and vision for the organisation going forward. Wiltshire Sights Strategy is central to the work that we do. Every member of staff and service user was given the opportunity to contribute to its development. By contributing in its development staff have a greater understanding and belief in the values within the strategy and are able to apply these to their work. The Strategy outlines the aims and objectives of the organisation, Wiltshire Sights aim is ‘To support those affected by Sight loss in Wiltshire and Swindon to reach their full Potential’(Wiltshire Sight Strategy 2014-2017 Leanne Hubbard) Our Vision is that ‘All people living with sight loss sight loss in Wiltshire and Swindon are supported and enabled to live full, active lives and reach their full potential.’ (Wiltshire Sight Strategy 2014-2017 Leanne Hubbard) Strategies are important as the lay out how you will meet your goals as an organisation. From the Strategy an operational or business plan is created along with organisational policies, these are important as they dictate the way people are expected to conduct themselves, the process they are to follow and, usually, the boundaries of not following the correct process. The operational plan lays out a series of Specific Measurable Agreed Realistic Timed Excited Recorded (SMART) targets or outcomes that the organisation wishes to reach over the coming months, year or longer. These targets

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