Leading a Catholic School Essay

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In order to discuss the role of leadership in the ideal Catholic School, and to explore the role of leadership in guiding this identity and culture, one must first recognize that the leadership of Catholics School in not simply or solely providing leadership to a school but providing leadership to a faith community. Indeed, leaders of Catholic schools play a major part in the Church’s continuing mission to strive to be a Christ-centered faith community is central to the character and mission of the Contemporary Catholic School. (1) The Congregation for Catholic Education in The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium speaks to leadership to “focus attention on the nature and distinctive characteristics of a school which would present itself as Catholic". The Congregation continues to explain that a Catholic school as place of integral education of the person through a clear educational project of which Christ is the foundation;(3) its ecclesial and cultural identity; its mission of education as a work of love; its service to society; the traits which should characterize the educating community. Pell is clear that in Australia the initial mission of Catholic schools was to provide a Christ centered education, to those marginalized by poverty, without access to a quality Catholic education and predominately Irish migrants (Bezzina, 2008; Pell, 2006). At this time schools were a central part of the both the local and faith community organized by the Clergy and an extension of the religious orders. Catholic school leadership for most of the early history of Australia, through to the Second Vatican Council, was established in the context, that the leadership of the education community was a member of a religious order and the religious convention of the school as a faith community was assured by the school population being drawn from the local

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