Leadership In The Work Place Essay

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Leadership in the Workplace Every business industry has leaders. Some are successful and others just don’t seem to quite master the art of leadership. A leader is person who can make decisions, be followed, approachable, lead by example and sometimes make decisions which are against their “team’s” consensus. These are just some of the differences in being a prosperous and moneymaking leader and being one who is unsuccessful. A leader is not necessarily a manager and can sometimes play a different role in a workplace. Jack Welch is one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of all time. He is the CEO of General Electric (GE). It is one of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies. Welch states in an article “There are lots of ways to be a leader… Leadership requires distinct behaviors and attitudes” (Newsweek, 2005) Not everyone can be a leader. Every position in a workplace requires a different and sometimes unique leader. You don’t have to be ‘born with it’ to lead, but as Welch states, one must have the right characteristics to be good and successful at it. “The true leaders of a profession are the thought leaders – the individuals who synthesize the thinking of the profession’s members and articulate directions for the future” (Agre, 2005) A leader needs to have the ability to utilize all of his/hers resources to steer their department or company into the right direction. Not only should a leader look to satisfy short-term goals but long-term goals are also necessary in being successful. A true leader can balance both of these goals and allow them to coexist. A way to do that is to make possible for all their employees to work together towards a common goal and to always keep that goal in sight. Leadership requires the person to be a quality listener, communicator and to allow for consensus and ability to foresee future

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