Leadership: The Meaning to Me Essay

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When I first heard my parents tell me that I was moving to Tennessee, I was sure the world was going to end. Come to find out, it would be one of the best experiences of my life, for more than one reason. But one I’d love to share is becoming a member of my Youth Leadership Team. It has helped to build my character and also help guide me on this path we call life. I have been told by many that there is something about me that lights up a room. I have also been told never to let things get to my head. So, knowing these things, I didn’t dwell much on the character trait that everyone seemed to love about me. Then I was introduced to my youth pastor, Dan Lewiston, and he changed my view on everything. He showed me that God gives us these qualities so that we can use them to help others. When he told me that he wanted me to be a leader in our youth, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being a leader means many things. To me, it means setting an example and showing others how it can be done. This is much harder than it sounds though. I am in charge of a whole group of junior high girls in my youth. I am their mentor and I volunteer an ear when they need to talk. I also lend then a shoulder to cry on, or a big sister to hug. It’s amazing to see these girls open up to me and trust me to tell them what is right. That’s the scary part. I was always so unsure if I was suitable for the job because I was afraid to let everyone down. Being in any leadership position can add a tremendous amount of stress on you. One thing I have learned is how to deal with it all. God has built me up for this exact opportunity, so that I can relate to other girls about the things they’re going through. The experience of being a leader for others has built up my character. It has helped me to stay humble, and helped me to be a stronger woman of God. I have learned that it really takes a lot of

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