Leadership in a Team-Based Business

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To work in a business, or in any type of organization, is team work really that important? Are having people skills really necessary? There are certain skills and traits that are necessary to have when working with others in a “team” setting. Dubrin (2007) states that, “team work is done with an understanding and commitment to group goals on the part of all team members” (p. 261). The team leader has an important role when working with others and needs to recognize certain skills that will lead his or her team to success. Dubrin listed the following key roles a leader should have: • Building a trust and inspiring team work • Coaching team members and group members toward higher levels of performance. • Facilitating and supporting team’s decisions • Expanding the team’s decisions • Creating a team identity • Anticipating and influencing change • Inspiring the team toward higher levels of performance • Enabling and empowering group members to accomplish their work • Encouraging team members to eliminate low-value work (p. 264) I believe that it is vital for leaders to make sure that most of these key roles are followed. How can a business survive if these are not used? The team will have no respect for the leader and will not listen to anything he or she says if he or she can not adapt to important roles. In the article “What Makes a Good Leader,” Carolyn Mason (2006, Dec.) gave points about what good leaders would demonstrate. Mason states that some of the common traits that a good team leader should have are having “a passion for the job, having a clear picture of where we want to get, a special ability to share the vision with others, and simply a way with people that makes those around them feel motivated, valued, and encouraged” (p. 19). These points show Dubrin and Mason have some of the same ideas as to what a good leader would have in a team

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