Leadership Styles of Dell and Grove

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Abstract Michael Dell and Andy Grove’s managerial leadership style differed immensely, however, Dell and Grove were able to achieve their goals and objectives. By providing sound leadership, distinctive managerial concepts, motivation, inspiration, and communication with their team members, Dell and Grove successfully navigated and avoided financial ruin while laying the path towards 21st century technology. Leadership Styles of Michael Dell and Andy Grove This study of Michael Dell and Andy Grove’s tenure as management pioneers documents their strategy processes through exploration and exploitation, while providing insight into the challenges of organizational learning. Specifically, this paper will examine their main contributions to the management field, encountered resistance, similarities and differences in organizational leadership, and the factors influencing their success. Contributions As a young industrialist, Michael Dell recognized that addressing and anticipating the consumer’s needs was the answer to a successful company. While attending college Dell ventured into the computer industry and brought this customer-service strategy forward as it laid the basic foundation towards the creation of a multi-billion dollar company as evidenced seven years later by becoming a Fortune 500 Company (Krames, 2003, p. 58). Unlike other computer companies, Dell continued to sharpened his focus on the consumer’s requirements instead of selling his products through computer stores, which was uncommon during this period, forced Dell’s rivals to rethink their strategy to combat Dell’s hold on the market. Interestingly enough Krames (2003) provides insight that Dell’s marketing approach towards “mass customization” (p. 49) was the result of good-natured customer service and forward thinking. Coupled with the ability to plan ahead and

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