Leadership Styles Essay

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Leader behavior is influenced by outcomes. Leadership and managerial activities are sometimes seen as similar and sometimes not. Most often leadership is seen as narrower than management. It is seen as anything done by a person occupying a managerial position. Leaders are often visionaries and exciting. Leadership is exerted by persons granted formal authority in organizations and exerted by persons who become influential because of special resources or skills. Leaders in any organizations are identified by their leadership style. Two commonly noticed leadership styles are Transformational Leadership and Situational Leadership. Transformational Leadership is one of the good leadership styles available for any kind of work environment. In this leadership style, the leader provides motivation to team, to perform tasks on time. The main focus of this style is to make changes to our self, other, group, and organizations. Transformational Leadership is associated with two other leadership styles: Charismatic and visionary leadership. The Situational Leadership style developed by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey holds that managers need to apply different leadership styles according to the situation. The leader can analyze the needs of the situation, and then apply the most suitable leadership style. Depends on the employees ability and commitment, we have to change the leadership style from one person to another. In this leadership style a leader changes the style in order to get the work done according to the situation. This leadership style is fewer tasks focused and more relationship oriented. This student believes the Transformational leadership style fits her philosophy of nursing leadership. It is one of the most outstanding leadership styles. According to this leadership style, leader guide the followers in the right direction in additional makes best

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