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Final Exam – Leadership Styles Group Dynamics 211 Leadership Styles There are several types of leadership styles. Leaders hold certain traits in how they approach their role as a leader of a group. Style approach is “the leadership approach that studies the interrelation between leader style and member behaviors” (Galanes & Adams, 2010). There is a leader in almost every group. The style the leader chooses to interact with the group members determines the leadership style of the leader. Leadership styles include the Autocratic, the Democratic, and the Laissez-faire leaders. Each style has advantages and disadvantages for both the member and the leader. Autocratic Style The autocratic leadership style is similar to a dictatorship position. The leader is controlling, dominates, and gives orders to the group members. Confident and direct also describe an autocratic leadership style. This style of leadership makes assignments without consulting the members of the group. The leader in addition makes decisions concerning the group with out asking the group for input. The autocratic leader style has total control over the group and does not trust the employees. The autocratic style leader relies “on threats and punishment to influence employees” (essortment.com. 2013). This style of leadership is beneficial when dealing with untrained employees who do not know what to do or which procedures to follow. When employees do not respond to other types of styles then the autocratic style is necessary. A group can experience this kind of leadership style when tasks are very important with strict guidelines. It can also experience this when the leader is pompous and over confident. The autocratic style of leadership can be effective in a group or detrimental for a group depending on the situation. Democratic Style Another leadership style is the

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