Leadership Style Of Pierre Dulaine

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Leadership Style of Pierre Dulaine The transformational leadership style is one that leads to positive changes in those who follow. This type of leader is usually very energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and for the most part charismatic. These leaders are not only concerned and involved in the process, but they are focused and determined on helping each member of a group succeed. Pierre Dulaine is a perfect example of a transformational leader. In the movie Take the Lead, I was immediately struck by his outgoing personality and confidence in his vision. His vision was to teach ballroom dancing to at risk, tough inner city kids in hopes of instilling discipline, honor, and self respect. He was passionate and he believed that the discipline of ballroom dancing would teach the young people about leadership, cooperation and teamwork. Leadership is one of the key components in the field of social innovation. Pierre Dulaine has been hailed as the “dancer and teacher extraordinaire” by the New York Times. He began an outreach program called “Dancing Classrooms” in the New York public schools and teaches the art of ballroom dancing to approximately 7500 children annually. His vision is to impart pride and self esteem and to inspire them to achieve whatever they put their minds to. He encounters the challenges of motivating kids but has been successful in bringing change to lives that otherwise might not have an opportunity to break out of the oppression of the inner city. His goal is to train to transform. The characteristics of a transformational leader are creativity, interaction, visionary, empowerment, and passion. Each of these characteristics are clearly portrayed by Dulaine in the movie. Transformational leadership begins with a vision. In Take the Lead, Dulaines’ vision began when he witnessed several

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