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Article Critiquing: 3. Basic argument(s) made by the author(s) indicating the need/rationale of the study The study attempts to examine the relationship between leadership styles and employee and organizational outcomes in a Nepali telecommunication company. It proposes and tests a model suggesting direct relationship between leadership styles and employees' satisfaction with the leader, leader effectiveness, and work-unit effectiveness as well as the mediating effect of satisfaction with the leader on the relationships between leadership styles and leader effectiveness and work-unit effectiveness. The author has supported the study with many arguments of literature review and researchers. The number of arguments provided by the author is pretty adequate to back up the study. Not many study and researches have been conducted to support the above relationship which is actually very important aspect for any organization. The author has done a great deal of research to come up with arguments indicating the need of the study. The basic arguments made by the author indicating the need/rationale of the study are as follows: • References of many different authors and researchers have been provided by the author supporting leadership and its positive effects. • over the period of more than three decades, transactional- transformational paradigm of leadership has gained the attention of many researchers and it has become an important topic in leadership research. • As trait, behavior and contingency theories could not fully explain the complexities involved in leadership, transactional-transformational leadership has drawn the attention of researchers as a new • paradigm for understanding leadership (Shrestha & Mishra, 2011). • Many studies which investigated the relationship between transactional leadership and organizational performance have

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