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Kadirrah Davis Professor Moskwa LEAD 1010 October 14, 2014 ! ! ! Leadership Style In today’s world there are many different types of leadership styles. Some of the most common types of leadership styles are Autocratic, Entrepreneurial, and Participative. I prefer to be a Participative leader also know as Democratic leadership. I believe this type of leadership can make a group of members feel encouraged to share ideas and express their opinions. The members are more engaged in the things that they are involved in, and creativity is encouraged and rewarded when using the Democratic leadership style. This leadership style is all for discussion, debate, and sharing ideas which makes members appreciate their involvement. To make sure I wasn't the only one who thought I was a Democratic leader I set up separate interviews with my best friend, my boyfriend, and my mother. I ask them “Do you think I’m a leader, and what makes me a leader?” They all said “yes” they think I’m a leader. My best friend said “my open minded personality makes me a leader because it allows me to give everyone a chance.” My boyfriend said “because I’m very independent.” My mother said because I always inspired the people around me.” Also to test my leadership style I took “Quiz 4-2” from the Leadership book and scored a 16. According to the scoring guideline I am a participative leader. After testing my leadership ability I knew I had all the traits to be a democratic leader. "1 ! As stated by Andrew J. DuBrin leadership is define as “the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals.” As a leader in my practice I tend to be very involved. I never want my members to feel like they can’t communicate with me. It’s important for me to inspire my members to have an opinion on what goes on. I want my members to feel like they can

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