Leadership Skill I Want to Develop Essay

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The leadership skill I most want to develop During our group discussion on tutorial class, we have discussed on couples of leadership and management activities set including self management, strategic positioning, implementation, critical thinking, communication, interpersonal, leadership as well as broad industry knowledge. After that discussion on above mentioned factors, I came to realise that, I am relatively stronger in communication and better leadership factor. Normally, if I need to discuss something within the team or anyone, I prepare myself what needs to be discussed which make me more confident and easy for communicating among the people. Also, whilst doing intern, I was given a change to lead the team of three people at work, and I have successfully lead the team and luckily, we met a deadline within the given timeframe. And, I have gained more confident from there. However, mostly, I have been always rushing at last minutes for each work as well as not aware of concern people and surrounding. As a result, the output is not very productive. Therefore, I felt quite weak on self management and not good in strategic positioning either. Particularly, I would like to be much more organised. Thus, I have to define goals for each work to be accomplished. In fact, it helps me to show that whether I am in right track or not. Then, I have to set the deadline for each defined goal, which would help me to track how much time left. And, I will create a timetable for each task to be done. For example, allocate a Monday-Thursday (4 days) for writing assignment draft, send it to tutor by Friday for feedback, review the draft as per feedback on till Tuesday, last minute correction and final review on Wednesday, and eventually submit it on following day. Whist doing it, I would need to make sure that I am following designed timetable properly and completing each

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