Leadership Roles Essay

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Three roles in the leadership model are manager, mediator, and mentor; an effective supervisor must be able to achieve each of these roles. The leader must be able to manage daily operations of the position; this may include budgeting of finances and payroll hours, purchasing of materials and equipment, organizing or reorganizing of processes, workflow, and programs, and other managerial responsibilities of the position. As a mediator, the supervisor must mediate effectively clashes and conflicts between staff, the staff, and senior level management, or the staff and client. The mentoring role of a supervisor is a training technique for the employee; the objective is to support the individual in specialized growth of employees. Effective completion of this role may result in promotion of employees into supervisory positions within the company (Lewis, Thomas, & Lewis, 2007). The key element of the supervisory process emphasizes the role in the work environment. The preliminary phase occurs before supervisor's first meeting with an employee; it assesses their emotions, feelings, and personal fears. The beginning phase is the explanation process of the supervisor's role, direction, and facilitation of employees; the supervisor listens to new employees' ideas and concerns so they may to work together in achieving goals within the business. It also concerned with resolving questions of supervisory authority. The middle phase is the facilitative confrontation phase; it uses problem-solving abilities to break problems into simpler actions using a role-play approach with staff. The last phase of the supervisory relationship is the shift phase and may include a new job, voluntary notification, or promotion (Shulman, 1993). The supervisor also in the last phase can help strategize wrapping up with his or her clients. Lewis, J.A., Thomas, T.R., and Lewis, M.D.

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