Leadership Research: Gene One Essay

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Running head: LEADERSHIP RESESRCH: GENE ONE Leadership Research: Gene One University of Phoenix MBA 520 Leadership Research: Gene One In this paper Learning Team C of the University of Phoenix MBA520 class identifies four areas of concern within the Gene One case study relative to transformational leadership issues presented in the MBA520 course material. These four areas are: influence of leadership style on individual performance, strategies for developing/managing the group process, conflict management methods to enhance group and team performance and examination of the roles and interaction of group and team performance in relation to Gene One and the companies researched by our team. The Gene One case study and scenario portrays a fast growing organization that must fund its growth potential by offering an initial public stock offering or IPO. The transition from small company to a public company requires adjustments in group and team management. Benchmarking studies that seek examples of solutions that other companies have successfully taken offers an approach for incorporating best practices into new management strategy and policy. The Influence of Leadership Styles Leadership is a complex concept that is defined as the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members. Leaders use influence to motivate followers and arrange the work environment so that they do the job more effectively ( McShane and Glinow , 2005). Leaders exist throughout the organization, not just in the executive suite. Leaders apply various forms of influence; from subtle persuasion to more assertiveness, to ensure application of power and to ensure that followers have the motivation and role clarity to achieve specified goals. Leaders also arrange

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