Leadership Qualities and Styles of Leadership Essay

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Leadership Qualities and Styles of Leadership Is George Washington the best military leaders of all times? The author describes Washington as intolerant, and hot tempered. (Harvey, 2008, p37) The beginning of his military career was with the British Army, where he learned that too that much self confidence and underestimating your enemy can have devastating results. During the Second Continental Congress in 1775 John Adams nominated George Washington by saying: “ A gentlemen whose skills and experience as an officer, whose independence, great talents and excellent universal character would command the approbation of all America and unite the cordial exertions of all the colonies better than any other person in the union”(Harvey, 2008,p42). Washington emerged from the congress as the Commander of the Forces of the newly emergent independent colonies. During his acceptance speech, he said: “I do not think myself equal to the command I am honored with” (Harvey, 2008, p42). Washington defined leadership with his actions and moral fiber. He had the qualities, and command present a leader needs to lead; great personality, integrity, determination, flexibility, self confidence, great communicator, and very resilient. Washington's experience defeat, mutinies, and almost dismissal from his command by Congress. George Washington’s success was a direct result of his transformational leadership, and his believes. “He was unanimously elected to be the First President of the United States of America” (Harvey, 2008, p77). Washington's stirring Farewell Address to the country not only cautioned against sectional differences and foreign entanglements but also encapsulated his philosophy of government. In relinquishing the reins of power for the last time, he reminded his fellow citizens that "the Unity of Government which constitutes you one people is also now dear to you. It

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