Leadership Project Essay

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Leadership Project Outline Introduction Attention-getter - This paper is based on my focus to achieving success and my inspiration for achievement can be modeled through Judith Faulkner, a visionary entrepreneur in the Health Information Technology field. Background – The purpose of this project is to define leadership and identify those qualities and traits that produce effective leadership. Judith Faulkner Introduction Ms. Judith Faulkner is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and majority holder of the privately owned company, Epic Systems (Conn & Sandier, 2015). Her company markets digital healthcare records that currently stores more than 40% of the U.S. population healthcare information (Moukheiber, 2012). Overall main idea Judith Faulkner is a successful role model; her leadership skills, personal strengths, and accountability are qualities that I can use to better myself personally and professionally. Main areas The main areas of this project are my current program and intended career field. I will highlight the characteristics and traits of an effective leader. I will depict who I believe is a positive role model (Judith Faulkner) and how they exhibit leadership qualities and personal responsibility that is relevant to my own personal path to success. Lastly, I will key in on my strengths and weaknesses and how I can employ those strengths and make positive changes to overcome my weaknesses. My program area and intended career field My career field I chose the Health Information Technology program because it will prepare and enable me to perform in the current electronic media age of doing business. I was previously employed in a healthcare setting where we utilized hard-copy medical records. Right before I resigned my position, the company switched over to electronic healthcare records; I quickly realized
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