Leadership Principles Learned In The Military

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Leadership Principles Learned in the Military and Their Application – Communicating the ‘Why’ is just as important, if not more so, than the ‘How’” I consider myself honored to have served with our nation’s finest young men and women in our Armed Forces. It was an absolutely fantastic learning experience from many perspectives, the most important one being from a leadership perspective. One of my early lessons was that while there are a number of foundational aspects of leadership often referred to as leadership principles, how these principles are applied and made “real” can and should vary based on environmental and situational factors. In recognition of this Veterans Day, I focused on four leadership principles (among many) that I learned in the military and have tailored and applied in the private sector. Their application is not limited to commercial enterprises; they are equally applicable to government, non-profits, and other NGOs. These principles are focused on the relationships between leaders and the people that they are responsible for. Effectively applied, they can help leaders establish a culture that values communications, leader and talent development, learning, and recognition. Such a culture in turn should serve as a springboard for achieving organizational goals. _____________________________ Emphasize the Importance of Communications Encourage, and perhaps most importantly, respect and acknowledge the value of candid communication within your organization; this is a risk mitigator and an innovation multiplier. Communicating the “Why” is just as important, if not more so, than the “How.” When your people are challenged with decision/action points for which there was/is no specific guidance, understanding the “Why” can enable them to take the right action. Communication is the foundation of innovation - and just about everything

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