Leadership Plan

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Introduction The organization that will be explored provides staffing services to their customers around the globe. They are very successful doing this and have acquired a name for the company that is respected by all. They have one central location (headquarters) for the employees that support the field staff that process payroll, maintain the applications they use and maintain the infrastructure (servers, databases, etc.) that houses the applications that they use. The headquarters staff is the backbone to the company as they are responsible for keeping the field staffing employees’ equipment functioning properly so they are able to be successful. In my current position, I work in Change Management which works with the various IT teams to ensure that changes to the infrastructure environment happen without issue. I also work with the application teams to ensure that their changes with as little impact to the customer as possible. I am responsible for ensuring that changes happen with the least amount of unexpected impact to the environment. I give final approval for the changes and make sure they are in an approved state. After our teams perform changes, I must determine which changes are unsuccessful and perform root cause analyses to determine why it happened and to prevent future issues. I also have a responsibility to define and create processes around the change management discipline as well as enforcing them and training employees on these and other processes. Problem to be Addressed The obvious driver for any company is the customer, as customers are what create revenue for the company. As a result, the department typically scrambles to get done whatever the customer needs to ensure that revenue stays with the company. In our organization, as I’m sure happens in many other organizations, we do what the customers need, sometimes to the detriment of

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