Leadership of Franklin D Roosevelt

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Leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt has proven to be an exemplar leader through his genuine care and concern for the public. He listened to his followers, addressed their concerns and always communicated all issues and ideas clearly. Roosevelt saw what the people needed, formed a vision, communicated clearly with his followers and led them with support and encouragement. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s attributes and behaviors strongly suggest his role of leadership as a transformational leader. Far from Machiavelli’s leadership by fear, Roosevelt knew how to talk to his followers in order to inspire them. The fundamental leadership practices also help to define Roosevelt’s leadership style. Transformational leadership is not always predictable, but it does often produce dramatic change. Table of Contents Introduction Page 3 Literature Page 7 Position Page 14 Conclusion Page 16 Bibliography Page 18 Introduction Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, has been proven to be an exemplar leader for many reasons. In fact, a study by Sanford (1951), proves when asked whether Franklin D. Roosevelt was a good or poor leader, 96 percent of our nation’s population said he was a good leader (Sanford, 1951). Spackman (1980) feels that “a whole generation grew up knowing no other presidential style than stability, courage and a joyful optimism,” (Spackman, 1980, p.38). Franklin Roosevelt had charisma and knew how to inspire his followers. Franklin Roosevelt had the office of Presidency for four terms, no other president has ever held this position for the twelve years that he did. Nelson (1990) addresses the fact that Roosevelt attracted support from many sectors of the population, workers constituted the heart of the coalition (Nelson,
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