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NAME: XXX WEEK 10: CHAPTER NINE LEADERSHIP PACKET Leading Change You should (1) complete the exercises, (2) score the exercises, and (3) include an assessment of your answers and outcomes. Experiential Exercises: Building Credibility (AN 9.1, p. 304); Scores and Assessment Score: 36 I posses moderate credibility as a visionary leader. I have three area that need to be developed, they are my coworker and subordinates always know where I stand (score: 2), I accept disagreement from others (score: 2), and I develop my coworkers' and subordinates' skills (score: 2). I am not really a person who likes to share everything, and thus it makes sense if others do not know my situation. I tend to work by myself and I would ask for advice if, and only, I am in under-pressure situation. I have a hard time to accept others disagreement because I think my thoughts fit everyone. I have to understand that others have different perspective, and being disagree with someone else does not mean his or her or my idea is wrong. It is about the most convenience way of a person in examining something. The last area I need to develop is developing others' skills and I think this is about empowerment. People learn new skills from new tasks and responsibilities. I am used to think that people cannot perform as well as I do, and they are not ready because they lack of knowledge and skills. This keep happening and it preventing my in delegating and empowering others. I would develop these three area by starting an open relationship with others so they can understand my situation. I would also train my cooperation skills because this teaches me in accepting others' thoughts. The last think I would do is to build up trust toward others so I can empower and delegate new tasks or responsibilities to others. Creativity (AN 9.2, p. 305): Scores and Assessment Score: 35 The score
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